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The development of a third tapere initiative in
Mangakahia and Whatitiri has been underway for over a year.

With a stock take of ecological efforts and social initiatives in the area completed, this tapereA collective of community groups' self-defined geographic area. is making great progress and receiving positive feedback within the community.

Our Connectivity Activator Our community relationship builders and coordinators. Connectivity Activators work closely with groups undertaking environmental work, by facilitating hui within communities to define their vision, as well as identifying their needs and how these may be met through accessing the tools, services and resources available in Te Kete Hononga. has been working with the community as they collaborate to identify their aspirations for their whenua and a better-connected landscape.

With a local contractor on board to facilitate the final vision setting stage and draft the connectivity plan A collaborative plan written by the groups within a tapere which outlines the short- and long-term goals and outcomes required to achieve the vision., we can’t wait to see this tapere’s ecological ambitions come to life.