Everything is here..

The diverse and multi-layered communities of Northland embody the entire whakapapa of knowledge, understanding, tikanga, process, beliefs and actions needed to develop flourishing, mana-full, and mutually beneficial relationships with our environment.

In a rich landscape..

Northland’s unique geology, climate and geographic history have combined to provide a habitat for an extraordinary number of endemic species, and habitats found nowhere else on earth. With the southern hemisphere’s largest harbour, the biggest untouched Kauri stands on earth, large populations of kiwi, dune lakes and a multitude of wildly diverse ecosystems, Northland is an international biodiversity hotspot. Coupled with a rich history of land cultivation, connection to coasts, over 170 marae, the political beginnings of contemporary New Zealand and rich tangata whenua base, our place is a powerful place for a flourishing future.

With a critical catalyst..

Reconnecting Northland is successfully navigating the complexities of Northland, bringing previously disconnected peoples and landscapes together in innovative and meaningful new partnerships that re-imagine cultural narratives through collaboration, and connect people with place in inspiring ways. Through establishing connected, collaborative, and critically conscious communities, we are creating far more than the sum of our collective actions.

For an ambitious vision..

A flourishing Northland, in which empowered and connected communities have mutually beneficial relationships with their environments; all ecosystems are mana-full and landscapes diverse; and everyone is actively making our place one where the symbiotic benefits of, whenua ora, wai ora and tangata ora create an abundance that is shared equitably.