The Kiwi Coast supports and links community, agency and iwi-led kiwi recovery throughout eastern Northland. The initiative currently stretches from Bream Head in the south to Hihi in the Far North, with a total area under active pest control of 78,425ha. Nearly 60 community groups, projects, iwi/hapu, forestry companies, government agencies and organizations are now involved in the Kiwi Coast which has been running for two years.

The initiative encourages linkages at three scales to ensure long-term success:

  1. Landowner to landowner > creating new Landcare and conservation groups
  2. Project to project > creating entities that coordinate a number of local projects and create additional kiwi strongholds
  3. Stronghold to stronghold > creating safe passage between kiwi strongholds. This linkage will require considerable effort to be achieved.

A current focus of the Kiwi Coast is linking two strongholds at the southern end of the corridor – Whangarei Heads and Tutukaka. This involves deploying new traps, resourcing professional predator trap servicing and supporting community events and workshops that engage people in kiwi protection and better dog control.

The 2015 Annual Report provides a summary of the Kiwi Coast second year of operation. Highlights include

  • 509 new predator traps were provided,
  • participation of groups, projects and businesses has scaled up from 43 to 59 and
  • gaps between traplines of neighbouring projects in the first focus area are decreasing proving there has been real progress towards a continuous shared trapping network between Bream Head and Whananaki South.

The 2015 Kiwi Coast Annual Report also provides evidence that where good management is in place, kiwi populations are enjoying a slow and steady increase on the Kiwi Coast, bucking the trend of a 2% decline per annum in kiwi populations nationwide.

With two successful years of implementation, the challenge ahead is to maintain momentum and strategic direction to ensure the continued wise use of resources that will most benefit Northland brown kiwi, while keeping firm sights on the third scale of linkage – becoming New Zealand’s first kiwi corridor.

For more detail on the initiative’s first three years of implementation download an annual report:

Kiwi Coast Annual Report 2016

Kiwi Coast Annual Report 2015

Kiwi Coast Annual Report 2014

Kiwi Coast Group Maps


For more information about Kiwi Coast, contact:

Gary Bramley, Reconnecting Northland

Phone 09 405 0074