Te Kete for Businesses

Te Kete for Businesses

How it Works

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Training Ventures provide training services across Te Tai Tokerau. They offer quad bike driving, occupational health and safety, Growsafe agrichemicals and business management training courses.

Te Kete Hononga’s Kairaranga (weaver) connected them with a local business that needed to upskill their team. The Kairaranga provided ongoing support by coordinating times and locations for the two parties to meet and work.

Through Te Kete Hononga, Training Ventures connected with new customers and achieved operational efficiencies through training co-ordination. They provided training for a local workforce enabling them to deliver a successful project to international best-practice.

Te Kete for Businesses

Te Kete for Communities

We will connect you to the resources and knowledge you need.

Te Kete for Businesses

We will connect you to the people who need your work.

Te Kete for Agencies

We will connect your agency with local communities, businesses and other agencies.

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