Te Kete for Communities

Te Kete for Communities

How it Works

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He Ripo Kau is a collective of iwi, hapū, marae, conservation groups and organisations in the Hokianga region.

They are working towards a shared 100-year vision of creating a landscape of abundance, with bird-filled forests that stretch to the sea, and clean waterways teeming with life. Their goal is to create a tapestry of regenerative land that sustains people to live meaningful lives within a vibrant ecosystem.

Te Kete Hononga supported He Ripo Kau by convening hui between land-holders, community groups and agencies to create and support collaboration. It provided coordination of ecological services on the ground and streamlined access to funding and resources. The project brought $3.7m of funding into the local community supporting two local businesses, including a start-up. 

Through Te Kete Hononga, ten full-time jobs were created within the local community and delivered workforce training, including 97 professional certifications across a diversity of skills, and 12 driving licenses. They also received project management advice to help them meet deadlines and control costs, and human resource support to produce employment contracts and manage Health & Safety.  Collectively 350,000 mixed native trees were planted over 76ha and constructed 75kms of riparian fencing.

Te Kete for Communities

Te Kete for Communities

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